Health Safety & Environment

Our greatest asset is our people, which is reflected in the company’s basic principles. Our major priority is to ensure the health and safety of our personnel. Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions has prioritized health and safety for many years, and we are committed to continually improving our safety approach and providing the best protection to our employees. The HSE management system from Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions strives to provide the structure and tools needed to swiftly and easily handle evolving HSE concerns while fulfilling the high standards of HSE performance and expectations set by both the client and regulatory bodies. Nothing is more valuable to us than human life and well-being, thus we take every precaution possible to ensure that we adhere to the highest international health and safety standards in order to achieve our ultimate goal of safeguarding human life.

It also ensures that our workers operate in a safe and healthy environment, preventing injury to anyone, damage to equipment or property, or environmental harm as a result of corporate activities.

Since 2021, the HSE Group has been developing an internationally recognized and accredited HSE Management System (ISO 45001:2018) to fulfill the ever-changing HSE standards across all operations.

Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions’ integrated management system is ISO 14001:2015 accredited for environmental management and ISO 45001:2018 certified for occupational health and safety management.

Enhancing the Safety Culture

Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions is committed to providing a safe working environment. We aim to achieve this by cultivating a work culture that prioritizes shared accountability, leadership, and risk management. We also think that effective safety performance is the product of both individual and collective effort. Everyone may contribute to a safer outcome by acting in a way that demonstrates concern for one another. Through true management commitment, transparent and fair leadership, organized HSE training, effective multi-level communication, consultation, and worker competency, Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions improves the safety culture among the workforce.

In addition, recognized safety culture indicators like as accident rates, complaints, comments, and compliance with safety regulations are studied and analyzed to achieve continual improvement. Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions improves staff involvement in order to improve their safety attitudes. In 2021, for example, we put a lot of emphasis on IIF (incident injury free) initiatives.

Corporate and project management support a strong commitment to IIF by cultivating an environment conducive to achieving the greatest IIF results possible. Furthermore, the IIF program is implemented through a personal commitment from all levels of management to reach the ultimate aim of employees holding themselves responsible and accountable not just for their own safety and well-being, but also for the safety and well-being of their coworkers.

Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions HSE takes a proactive approach to establishing and maintaining a strong safety culture that motivates employees and management to protect their health and minimize accidents. Our dedicated staff scrutinizes Aettkaz Logistics LLP. – Storage Solutions’ health and safety records and plans strategies to promote safety integration at all levels.