Crude Oil Shipping

AettkazShipping LLC. has solutions for the most important shipping and logistics considerations: We capture value throughout the supply chain by our solid relationships with the Black Gold producers, superior logistics capabilities. We organize the transportation of crude oil from production areas to consumer hub, by selecting and chartering the safest VLCCs to ensure that cargo is shipped in the most timely, cost effective way and under optimal safety conditions.

A tangible effort has been exerted in such category, given to the importance of the crude oil in the domestic market. We have joined the black gold hub, by being awarded an (Affreightment Contract) for the shipping of over 72,000,000 Barrel of Kazakhstani and Russian crude oil, by providing VLCCs. We are applying one of the most rigorous selection standards in the oil industry for every VLCC we operate, to make sure each unit meets our standards. With 17 VLCCs, 15 Product Tankers, Aettkaz Shipping LLP.’s fleet of product carriers accounts for more than half of the company’s national fleet.

It’s a reflection of the significant upturn in liquid cargoes, including crude, refined petroleum fuels, and petrochemicals, being generated by the nation’s largely hydrocarbon-centric economy, underpinned by the major industrial and petrochemical clusters established in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe. Recent investments in mega refining and petrochemicals schemes in these clusters bode well for the further growth of Aettkaz Shipping LLP.’s shipping capacity.

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